Tokyo Accessibility Information Websites

If you plan to stay and spend time in Tokyo, please use the below list to obtain accessibility information. 


Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Accessible Travel General Information

Accessible Japan

Travel accessibility portal of Japan for inbound tourists.  Hotels and attractions are assessed from wheelchair user view.  General travel tips are also useful for first time traveler to Japan. 

Accessible Travel Japan

Information categorized by major areas of Tokyo.  Good to get quick information on shopping, dining, and sightseeing, though the number of places taken up are limited.

Japan Accessible Tourism Center

Accessibility information of major areas in Tokyo with short comments.  “Accessible photos” will give you images of the location.

Accessible Tokyo – Tokyo Travel Tips for Wheelchair User

General accessibility search database of major play spots, and sightseeing spots in Tokyo.  Good access map showing the route from the nearest station to the place.

Excursion Route Recommendations

Tokyo Sightseeing Accessibility Guide – All 30 Courses

30 accessible excursion courses covering most of the major sightseeing spots in Tokyo. 

Accessibility of Sightseeing Spots

Tokyo Universal Design Navigator (Play, Learn, and Eat)

Accessibility information on major sightseeing spots.   Machine translation to English, French, Italian, German, Thai, Spanish, Chinese, Korean are available.

Accessibility Maps

Tokyo Universal Design Navigator (Search by Map)

Shops, attractions, accommodations, parks,etc. You can chose category of the facilities and the map will display all the spots of that category.

Accessibility Area Map

Accessibility maps with detailed information is available in PDF format.  Only covers Tokyo Central District – Chiyoda Ward and Chuo Ward

Transport Accessibility

Ekipedia Terminal Station Map

You can check Tokyo subway station accessibility from route map.

Search Station by Barrier-free Facility (Tokyo Metro)

Accessibility information on Tokyo Metro.  “One-route” is the name given to Metro stationa that have one or more accessible route to the ground.

Toei Subway Accessibility Information

Toei Subway accessibility information – one of the two subway system in Tokyo

Accessibility Support Device Rental

Ido Support Co., Ltd.

Wheelchair and other assisting devices rental

Ohayo Travel Corporation

Renting service for electric wheelchair, manual wheelchair assisting device for nature excursion.

Accessibility Toolbar