Tokyo Travel Support & Omotenashi Learning Program – Session 2 – Zojoji Temple, Hinode Pier, Water Bus, and Sensoji Temple


The goal of the training is to enhance participants’ capacity to work for those who have difficulty in mobility communication, etc. when they go around Tokyo

    • 【Purpose of the program】 To increase the skill and knowledge of people who wish to support elderly and disabled people when they do sightseeing Tokyo.
    •  【Program content】While walking in a group to go through one of the courses introduced in Tokyo Sightseeing Accessibility Guide, you will learn: 1) Techniques of supporting the elderly and the disabled in town walks in Tokyo 2) Tips to make them enjoy Tokyo as tourists 3) Basics of hospitality (Omotenashi) 
    • 【Trainers】
      Masami Nagahashi, the specialist in accessible travel
      Takao Muroi,  experienced travel concierge
      Yoji Saito, experienced travel supporter
      Kuniyasu Nomura, Ohayo Travel Corporation, “Tokyo City Guide Kentei” certification holder. 
    • 【Date/Time】9:00-14:00 Saturday September 12, 2020
    • 【Route】  Zojoji Temple, Tokyo Tower, Hinode Pier, Sensoji (Asakusa)  (“Tokyo Sightseeing Accessible Guide” 12.Hamamatsucho, Asakusa
    • 【Number of participants】up to 15 participants
    • 【Admission fee】 JPY1,000 to be paid at the meeting point (please note the cost for public transportation and admission fees if any shall be born by the participants)
    • 【How to register】Please click here to proceed.
    • 【Application due】by 24:00 Wed. September 9, 2020

Remarks: If you have fevers, coughs, and other symptoms within 14 days before the event date, you should not attend the event.   You need to wear a mask during the event.   We check your body temperature and if you have a fever, we might ask you not to join then.  

Please also note that the future development of new coronavirus epidemic status in Japan may suspend this event to be shifted to a later date. 

If you have any queries, please contact at Kuniyasu Nomura, Ohayo Travel Corporation
Mail / Phone 042-315-3261