How we can help you

Have you ever wanted to go on a special trip, but in the end gave up because of concerns like these?
I have a physical disability.
I won’t be able to fully enjoy my trip because I am limited in the places I can go.
I don’t want be a burden on my family or friends.
I’m worried about potential injury or sudden change in my health condition.
I just don’t know where to start.
Here at Ohayo Travel, we clear each and every obstacle so that you can travel to the places where you want to go and realize the things that you want to do.

At Ohayo Travel we help with:

Planning your trip: We arrange suitable transportation and accommodation to meet your needs.
We organize safe and suitable ways to move around.
We ensure the service readiness of sightseeing spots and facilities.
We secure rooms that meet your needs.
We arrange and check the suitability of the bathing facilities.
We arrange meals appropriate to your needs (upon request).

From day one of your trip, we go that extra mile to ensure the individual needs of each of our clients are met. We can also arrange professional support such as nurses and carers (upon request) to give you that extra peace of mind during your travels.