Sanriku Study Tour with Terra Renaissance and Supporters – September 28-29, 2019

we went to Sanriku, a seashore of Tohoku, Northern Part of Japan, for two days on 28th and 29th of September, 2019. The participants are Mr. Masaya Onimaru, the founder of NPO Terra Renaissance, an NGO long working for people of Uganda, Brundi, Congo, Laos, Cambodia, and Otsuchi-cho in Japan, and its supporters.
Througout the tour, we started the train trip from Sakari Stn. in Ofunato, Iwate Pref. the sourthern most station of Rias Line to Taro Stn. close to Miyako of Northern part of Riasu Line.

One of the main event of the tour is Santetsu Shinsai Gakushu Ressha (Sanriku Tetsudo Line Eathquake Study Train) . We chartered one car with a staff guiding us studying the Santesu and the days of East Japan Great Earthquake.
We had a study session at Ofunato Tsunami Denshokan (Ofunato Tsunami Story Museum) with Mr. Kenji Saito, the general manager; at Otschi-cho Shiroyama Kominkan (Otsuchi-town Shiroyama Public Hall) where Mr. Kazuya Yoshino talked his experience of living in local community of Rikuzen-takada, Otsuchi and Kamaishi for this 8 years; at Horaikan, a good Japanese Style Ryokan in Nebama Beach, learning mixed but positive thoughts of Ms. Akiko Iwasaki, the landlady of the ryokan; at Shinsai Iko (eathquake ruins) Taro Kanko Hotel where we had a real impressoin toward the fear of tsunami.
We learned a lot through the tour. We should not forget all the event taken place all over the tsunami-hit places, for that it is best to visit the place where it happens in real in several years ago. We also need to learn from the experiences they had in their time of evacuation – we need to be prepared for natural disasters everywhere in Japan.

with Mr. Saito of Ofunato Tsunami Denshokan


Santetsu Shinsai Gakushu Ressha.


In Otsuchi, listened about Sashiko Project and Sanriku Taberu Tsushin from Mr. Kazuya YOSHINO


At Horaikan, they see us off with big flags of the fishing boat


Taro Kanko Hotel endured the tsunami of 17 meter height that day.


Jodogahama beach, the most famous sightseeing spot in Sanriku Area. The blue of water and the white of the rocks. Beautiful.

浜辺の料理宿 宝来館