[Autumn in Japan] Kanto North – World Heritage Shrines and Temples of Nikko, Nature of Oku-Nikko

[Autumn in Japan] Kanto North – World Heritage Shrines and Temples of Nikko, Nature of Oku-Nikko


Tourist Attractions
  • World Heritage:Shrines and Temples of Nikko
  • Landscape:Kegon Waterfall, Lake Chuzenji and Mt. Nantai, Yutaki Waterfall
  • Autumn Leaves:Irohazaka Winding Road, Ryuzu Waterfall, Lake Chuzenji
Spot No.1

Shrines and Temples of Nikko are registered as a World Heritage Site, that comprises of two shrines and temples, Futarasan Shrine, Toshogu Shrine, and Rinnoji Temple, together with their 103 premises (9 national treasures and 94 important cultural properties).  The ancient Shintoism is inherited in the religious space that is united with nature.

For Toshogu, wheelchair users can enter through a separate gate and go close to the Omizuya.  The route is only for people with accessibility needs. You need to ask the receptionist to open it.

Nikko Rinnoji Temple
Spot No.2

Irohazaka Winding Road was once the path used by worshipers to Mt. Nantai and Lake Chuzenji. At present Irohazaka winding Road has a downhill route and a climbing route, and there are a total of 48 sharp curves. The name “Iroha” came from the origin of the famous poem “Iroha” made up of 48 letters.

The Akechidaira Observatory on the way to the downhill Irohazaka Winding Road is famous for its beautiful autumn colors.

Irohazaka in Autumn
Spot No.3

Lake Chuzenjii s a lake with a circumference of approximately 25 kilometers and a maximum depth of 163 meters. It is famous for its autumn colors.  The lake was formed approximately 20,000 years ago upon the eruption of Mt. Nantai, 

We recommend to take a sightseeing boat in which you can enjoy the autumn mountains from the lake. Wheelchairs are rented at the boat station. The slope from the parking lot to the pier is steep, but the staff can support you for that.

Lake Chuzenji and Mt. Nantai-san中禅寺湖と男体山
Spot No.4

Kegon Fall, one of Japan’s three most famous waterfalls, is located at the outlet of Lake Chuzenji, and you can see the waterfall flowing down the rock wall.

There are two observation decks, one on the ground and one at the waterfall level, but wheelchair users can only go to the ground observation deck.

There are shops, parking lots, toilets, etc. on the ground premises, which is accessible, but there is a slope that requires a helper to lead to the waterfall observation. There is a wheelchair-accessible toilet in the parking lot.
Kegon Waterfall
Spot No.5
The big rock splits the flow near the waterfall into two partsgiving it a similar look to a dragon‘s head, which gives it its name.
Water flows over 200 meters above the lava created by the eruption of Mt. Nantatai, and the autumn leaves along the mountain stream and near the waterfall are splendid.
From the “Takigashira no taki” parking lot, you can go to the observation deck of the “Ryuzu No Chaya”.
Although the distance from the parking lot to the waterfall is short, you need a helper as it goes up a steep slope.
Ryuzu Watefall in Autumn
Spot No. 6
Lake Yunoko and Yutaki Waterfall

There are accessible sidewalks on the lakeside, so even wheelchair users can enjoy going around. You can see Yutaki falls from the observation deck if you can go throuh a gentle up/down road from the parking lot.


Lake Yunoko

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