Bringing Accessible Japan To Those With Special Needs – Kyoto

Hi fellow readers of Ohatra blog, thank you for following us. In this second installment, we will travel south to Kansai to the old capital of Japan, which is Kyoto. Kyoto is a must visit for its beautiful scenery and rich cultures. That being said, below are a few websites which will make your visit barrier free.

  1. Accessible Japan

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The creator of this website is also wheelchair bound so he created the website following his experience travelling in Japan.  Besides providing first-hand information on the accessibility of the attractions in Kyoto, the website also provides background information on the attraction, for example its history, operating hours as well as the entrance fee. There is also a modified google map shared on the website to show the route to take.

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The website also shares information on hotels with wheelchair accessible rooms. However, In Japan there is no set standard that defines an “accessible room,” and such rooms can vary considerably from hotel to hotel. (Accessible Japan. “Wheelchair Accessible Hotels Kyoto”. Accessed 21 March 2019). Photos of the rooms are also published on the website to give users an idea of the accessibility available in the hotel.

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  1. Kyoto Universal Sightseeing Guide

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This website has a page dedicated to barrier free info in Kyoto City.  The barrier free info can be displayed in a list or map.

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Users can also filter the results based on the criteria that they are looking for at the search function available on the page.

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An advantage of using the website is not only does it provide a review of the facilities, it also includes the date the facility was last checked. The operating hours are also included.

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  1. Barrier Free Map

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Spring is round the corner and Kyoto is one of the famous spots for viewing Sakura. Sakura only blooms for a short period of time so it’s good to know the barrier free areas which are best to view these mystical flowers. This website offers a summary of the places to view Sakura in Japan. Kyoto is of course in the list but unfortunately the website is currently only available in Japanese. There are five barrier free places recommended by the website to view Sakura namely Kamigamo Jinja, Nijo-Jo Castle, Kyoto Botanical Gardens, Daigoji and Uji City Botanical Park. Besides providing information on the accessibility as well as the location of the toilets for the disabled, the website labels the attraction site based on its barrier free level. Level 1 to 3, Level 3 being the most accessible.

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Also, when you open the spot specific information page, you can reach to the official website of the spot.

To the original homepage link

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  1. Museums in Kyoto

If you are more of an indoor person or you would like to spend time understanding the history and cultures of Japan, these three museums – The National Museum of Kyoto, The Museum of Kyoto and Kyoto Railway Museum, are all barrier free. Spend the day soaking in the knowledge these museums have to offer and be in awe of fascinating Kyoto.

This wraps up our second article for this series. If you have any queries please feel free to contact us.

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