Shrines and Temples in Tokyo

Today I would like to show you 5 barrier-free spots for your shrine/temple visits in Tokyo.

Senso-ji Temple 浅草寺 No. 1 place for all the Tokyo visitors.    Beside the Kaminari-mon Gate, there is a road connecting to Senso-ji ground just in parallel with the famous and crowded Nakamise-Street.   They have a lift for guests with the walking difficulty so you can go into the main hall easily.


Elevator of Sensoji Temple

Atago Jinja Shrine 愛宕神社  This shrine is located on top of the steep hill, you may think it is hopeless, but there is a quick route for wheelchair users – take the lift built on the southern side of the Torii Gate, to the top of the hill.  From that point, the ground is flat and the barries are limited.

Hie Jinja Shrine 日枝神社

Nisharai Daishi 西新井大師 This Temple is tied to Kobo Daishi who is one of the most prominent figures in Japan’s Buddhism history.    There are dedicated parking lots for the disabled, lifts to go up to the Hondo main hall.

Reference (Japanese)

Tomioka Hachimangu 富岡八幡宮 This shrine is also popular to a lot of people with the festial “Fukagawa Hachiman”, one of the three major festivals of Edo.  From Otorii Gate to the Hondo main hall, ramps are set for those traveling with wheelchairs.


There are two useful websites that provide accessible information on Shrines and Temples in Japan.   We need to translate this for non-Japanese speakers though..

Barrier-free map for Shrines and Temples wheelchair visit  (Japanese)

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