Are There Enough Accessible Accommodation in 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games

Below is the article of Guardian.

British Paralympic officials say they were left stunned when hotels near their training camp for the 2020 Games demanded they pay to make rooms accessible for wheelchair athletes – and then pay again to convert them back afterwards.

What has made the issue harder to solve is that it is beyond the remit of the Tokyo 2020 organising committee, which runs the Games. Rather it is down to individual hotels – many of whom do not see the social or economic benefits of providing more accessible rooms.

Guardian  April 24, 2019

The below comments are from an article of Asahi October last year:

PARALYMPICS/ Wheelchair-friendly rooms tough to find in Tokyo 2020

“There is no expectation (in Japan) of independent living for wheelchair users — rather the expectation that anyone with mobility issues will have full-time care support,” Hollingsworth said. “This means that hotel rooms that are described as accessible are designed in a way that is not accessible for an independent person — the bathroom, especially.”

”people with disabilities seemed almost invisible in Japan.”

Asahi Shimbun   October 24, 2018

The both indicate that the accommodation facilities may not be good enough for Paralympics athletes in terms of the quality and the quantity.   While Tokyo Metropolitan Government enforced a local law to promote accessible hotel room renovation, it is to be monitored how and how many will be ready for hosting Paralympic Games in 2020.