My “Why” for this Business

At Ohayo Travel, we provide people who might otherwise have difficulty traveling because of age, illness or disability with the support they need to turn their travel dreams into realities.

A respected mentor once told me, “Nobody gets old because they want to. Nobody is born with a disability because they want to be. Even if we are healthy now, we will surely have trouble walking or even standing someday. We will be disabled. It is our duty, while we are still healthy, to be there for people who need our support”. It made me start thinking about how I could live up to that ideal. That was when my grandfather’s words from shortly before his death came back to me:

“I want to see Mount Fuji”.

He was 97 years old and confined to his bed after having broken his femur for the second time when he said that. He had nearly lost his will to live, and I had casually asked him if there was anything he wanted. I did not expect him to say that he wanted to see Mount Fuji, and. I was at a loss to respond. I told myself it was too difficult, and I did nothing to help him go there. That experience has pricked my conscience ever since. So, in my late 40s, I decided that I wanted to make this my life’s work. I left the company where I had worked for many years, and got started when I was 51.

So many of you out there with mobility issues want to go somewhere, or see the sights you have been dreaming of. Even though you really want to get away from everyday life, meet new people, experience new places, and savor new flavors, you may have already given up on travel, thinking it is impossible. We are here to show you that you can still go, and to encourage you to try with us.

From the moment you set out on your journey until you are safely back at home, we show you the roads, guide you to the places to stay, and connect you with the facilities that will allow you to forget your concerns and enjoy the journey as you satisfy your wanderlust.

Beyond that, we strive to keep worries to an absolute minimum for anyone who has difficulty traveling. We do this by making arrangements with lodgings, tourist facilities, transportation agencies, and other travel companies to provide accessibility infrastructure for you during your travels in Japan.

We want anyone who loves Japan to be able to touch Japan’s beauty with their own eyes and ears, with their own senses. We want a world where anyone who wants to learn about Japan’s culture and history can experience it for themselves.

My goal for the next 25 years is to make it so anyone who wants to can greet the morning with an “Ohayo!” that is full of excitement for the journey ahead.


November 1, 2018

Kuniyasu NOMURA, Representative Director
Ohayo Travel Corporation

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