Omutsu Hazushi Gakkai 2019 in Nasu Machizukuri Hiroba

Ohayo Travel organized a tour for people attending 10th Omutsu Hazushi Gakkai in Nasu the other day.  This is a conference that gathered a lot of nursing practitioners and non professionals who are interested in how we live better in our period of life toward its end.  The “Gakkai” or the association has 31 year history in Japan.   Speakers include gurus of nursing practice in Japan as well as young innovators of the industry.

オムツ外し学会 全体会

We also visited Yuimar Nasu, that is an adult community village built some 10 years ago.  It is a premise of several dozens of comfortable wooden flats, designed by, built by and operated by the residents of the village.  There is a nice Mt. Nasu view from every flat. A cafe “Shinrin no Bokujo”, or “ranch inside forest”, just beside the village sells really good soft ice cream.

Senior Village "Yuimar Nasu" cattles