General Assembly of Japan Universal Tourism Network in Noto, Ishikawa Pref.

We attended the General Assembly of Japan Universal Tourism Network early June.

In Nakanoto Amehikagehime Shrine, we saw “Akuro”
“Aquro” attachment to the wheel chair is powerful support tool so that people to drag the wheelchair quite easily on the rough pebble-covered way.

Amehikagehime Shrine, Nakanoto

“AQURO” makes your move swift and comfortable

Shinto celemony with a wheelchair

At this Shrine, you can drive to “Shaden” building or the Shinto celemony place, if necessary, by car, inside of Torii Gate(!).

Japan Universal Tourism Network, photo taken in Ishikawa Barrier Free Center)

In the General Assemby Meeting, activities of each destination was reported. Those include information service on accessibility, wheelchair sharing business, various seminars for barrier free tours,etc. In Japan there are a lot of ongoing activities for accessible tourism.