Universal Design Rooms of Keio Plaza Hotel – Shinjuku Tokyo

I had a chance to see the universal design rooms of Keio Plaza Hotel the other day.     The hotel firstly offered 15 universal design rooms in 1988, and renovated all the facilities last year making 13 renewed universal design rooms.    Those are in three grades based on the size , and from their long experiences of servicing to guests with all kinds of disabilities,  facilities of rooms are arranged based on the needs of the guest.

More information is available:  https://www.keioplaza.com/rooms/universal.html


Wheelchair user friendly desk

Wheelchair user-friendly table

The height of the fridge and the cupboard is good for anybody.

communication device between the guest with hearing impairment and the front desk

One of the beds is electric one with the wooden sideboard attachment.

Handrails are removable.

If not necessary, handrails are removed.

Shower carry – stylish!

Bath tab is designed for those who takes a bath by moving in sitting posture

Emergency call button in the bathroom

Assistance dog equipments