ENAT Annual General Assembly in Brussels

We attended the Annual General Assembly of ENAT, European Network for Accessible Tourism, the other day. We also had a chance to present Japan’s accessible tourism status quo as well as the company’s business status.

ENAT is a non-profit organization that consists of 90 some organizations and individuals and promotes accessible tourism world wide based in Brussels. They are now in their 11th year and they see the accessible tourism as a right as well as an opportunity for the travel industry.
We joined this organization in February this year. After the Annual General Assembly, we were designated as the ENAT national coordinator for Japan.

If you have any news from Japan to disseminate internationally or if you are interested in participating in the network, please feel free to contact us anytime.  We are exited to take the bridging role for accessible tourism of Japan, Europe and other regions.
Reference ENAT  (European Network for Accessible Tourism)



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